hello again

hello dear, its been a while tak berblogging.

well something came up suddenly this lately.

just so you want to know..  during Chinese New Year that day my laptop punya screen tetiba jd biru. With a description minta recovery what so ever.. nak hantar g kedai terus kedai tutup so end up tunggu kedai buka balik la nampaknya.. bila dah hantar ke kedai dia kata kalau windows original mmg free of charge sebab still under warranty.

so dia kata nanti kalau dah siap diorang akan call, and i was like waiting for about 3 weeks to get back my laptop and they said i need to pay for rm30.

oh wait.. that day they said its free of charge and my windows are original.

so i pun.. err what...

but then i found out that ada cd rom inside....

so i guess mmg betul free cause what i paid is for the CD-ROM for window. ya my original cd got lost already haha..

after recovery, everything new. windows 8.1 really troublesome eh...

and i lost all documents, pictures, movies, musics and etc.....

so i calm my self je lah. its ok as long as i get back my laptop kan?

after laptop sakit, tuan dia pulak sakit. I've been attacked by a terrible chicken pox fever last week and now process untuk pulih. teruk woo my face kena cikenpox tu. next entry la update pasal cikenpox takut panjang sangat.

thats all goodbye.